Lisa Popodi

From early on in life I had an interest in TV, Photography, and Computer Programming.  This interest lead me to pursue my Associates Degree in Television Production.  While working in television for 10 years I also worked towards my associates degree in Visual Communications (web and graphic arts).  In addition to those Associate degrees I also took classes at the Art Institute of Phoenix and did a Software Development Bootcamp.  My Web jobs from there consisted or hosting Support at GoDaddy, website design and support at iFoundAgent, website maintenance and graphic design at Wedding Apparel Superstore, Website Development at Del Flags, and various non-profit website work.  My Photography related positions consisted of Product Photography at Great Lakes Skipper, and working for 2 local photographers in the area running the office and marketing and working on retouching and graphics.  I am well rounded in the world of media and love to help the little guy make their dreams come true of working for themselves and making their business work for them and not run them dry.